What You Get

With both our basic and premium plans, you will receive unlimited access to every car maintenance service we offer. This includes scheduled maintenance, paint & body, inspection sticker, detailing, wash, vacuum, & gas refill. 

Basic Plan

With the basic plan you still have unlimited services, however, you can only make a service request or use Volly 2 times per month. After you reach that limit, you will be charged a fee. 

Premium Plan

The premium plan is the same as the basic except you have unlimited service requests per month. This means you can request a service from us as many times as you need us. 

Payment Plans

We offer quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans. 

What this means for you

By signing up with Volly for a subscription, means no more stressing over the logistics of getting your car to and from the auto shop. You never have to worry about so much as a car wash with us. We take care of the messy work while you spend your time on more rewarding tasks. 



  • Basic: $160 ($53/ month)
  • Premium: $250 ($83/ month)


  • Basic: $300 ($50/ month)
  • Premium: $480 ($80/ month)


  • Basic: $580 ($48/ month)
  • Premium: $900 ($75/ month)

Subscription Plan

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