How does the pricing work if one shop can perform multiple services?

If one shop performs multiple services then we will only charge $15 for the additional services instead of the listed amount. For example, you need an oil change and an updated inspection sticker. If you have a shop that will do both at one location, then we will charge $35 for the oil change and only $15 for the inspection, instead of the original $25. 

Can I choose my own mechanic?

You can choose mechanics from our partnered auto shops list but if you have a preferred mechanic not currently on our list then we will bring your car to that mechanic but you may be charged an additional fee. 

Who is responsible for lost items?

VOLLY is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. It is the customer's responsibility to remove personal items from their vehicle before the VOLLY driver begins the service. 

How does payment work?

Our bill will include the total cost from the shop + our charge. You will pay this when the VOLLY driver meets you with your car and the service is complete. This will be charged to you and you will receive an e-mail receipt. 

How qualified are VOLLY drivers?

Because we hire drivers as W2 employees, we are able to extensively screen all of our drivers with background, criminal, drug, and reference checks, empasizing clean driving records and only hiring drivers 21 years of age or older.

Are VOLLY drivers insured?

Yes. VOLLY Personal Drivers are insured in two ways: 1) they are covered as an occasional and permissive user on your existing auto policy and, 2) VOLLY maintains a policy to cover the driving of hired and non-owned automobiles. The policy has a coverage limit of $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 per occurence. 

Is VOLLY insured?

Yes. VOLLY carries three types of coverage to insure its business of driving you in your vehicle: 1) General Liability coverage for any event that occurs during the provision of VOLLY service, 2) Third Party Crime Policy (Bonding) that protects you from actions by our drivers involving personal property or bodily injury and 3) Hired/Non-owned Auto liability policy that specifically covers VOLLY personal drivers when driving your vehicle. 

How do I get a quote from the mechanic?

Since VOLLY does not perform the actual maintenance, detailing, etc... simply contact one of our partnered shops, tell them what you need and they will give you a quote.

How do I know when my car is ready?

Both VOLLY and the shop will have your contact info. The shop will contact you via text or phone call once your car is ready and VOLLY will contact you when they are on the way with your car and once they arrive.

How far will you travel to pick up my vehicle?

We will pick up your vehicle within 10 miles of one of our partnered shops. However, if you prefer a shop outside of the 10 mile radius we will driver your car to that location but will add an additional fee. 

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